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Speaking On Purpose

When my company was in the aftermath of a $50B acquisition, I almost quit. Fueled by frustration and stress, I found myself on the precipice of walking out of the office and never coming back. Had I done so, I would have become another statistic. Yet another African American female departed from a STEM-driven industry. Top talent voluntarily resigning during a time of significant organizational shift. But I didn’t. Instead, I woke up one day and decided to choose better. To choose MY better. To choose every day to do something, say something, behave in some way that would move the needle of my work experience towards better. I cultivated and embraced distinct strategies along the way to find myself more consistently on the better path and before I knew it, I was sprinting down that path. Suddenly, my better had become my best. Suddenly, I was leading macroscopic change within my organization, relaxing the tension points that had nearly driven me out the door. I now strive to empower individuals to choose THEIR better.

My mission is to inspire organizations beginning at the seat of every employee. To inspire the individual to choose THEIR better, subsequently enabling your organization to thrive at its BEST. I am openly sharing my deepest struggles coupled with tried and true strategies to enable return to fulfillment and delivery of high impact results. I am so happy and grateful to be a change agent and a business motivational speaker working to turn the tide on recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse STEM talent in industry and university.

Speaking Packages

Cassandra has fully customizable speaking packages to ensure every client’s goals are met. Each package is tailored to suit the needs of your organization. Cassandra works with you to understand how best to customize the message to alleviate YOUR organization’s tension points, accelerate YOUR organization’s mission, and achieve YOUR organization’s toughest goals.

“My mission is to inspire organizations beginning at the seat of every employee. To inspire the individual to choose THEIR better, subsequently enabling your organization to thrive at its BEST.”

choose your better

Empowerment to Excel in Today’s Dynamic Workplace

A startling 30 – 50% of major mergers & acquisitions fail to achieve their anticipated goals, in large part due to leaders not paying enough attention to culture impacts of the deal. The attrition rate of top talent during major organizational shifts such as mergers is in excess of 20% (ref 2015 Business Insider Article). That’s 1 out of every 5 ‘water walkers’ hitting the door during times of major shift when top talent is most needed. More startling still, the attrition rates for minority talent, notably African Americans and women, is nearly twice that of their white male counterparts.

Cassandra was nearly part of that statistic. But because of her personal strategies to choose HER better every day, she not only survived, but thrived. Having been part of some of the biggest acquisitions in the history of the CPG industry, after becoming an inspirational speaker she now openly shares her struggles and strategies to today’s leading industries to inspire individuals and organizations alike to thrive in the face of restructuring, acquisition, merger, generational shifts, and other key factors contributing to today’s highly dynamic workplace. Her message will help you retain your top talent even during the most challenging times.

Attending leaders and top talent will leave with:

  • Tried and true strategies to thrive in the face of stressful and frustrating change
  • Inspired perspective that managing and championing significant shift is entirely possible and even enjoyable
  • The energy and motivation to take the first step to higher impact business results

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STEM Foundation = Infinite Possibilities

Building a Diverse Pipeline of STEM Talent

About half of the workforce in engineering and advanced manufacturing is approaching retirement, and the growth in the percentage of young workers is not keeping pace, according to a 2015 USA news article. In fact, the number of young STEM workers has actually declined since 2001, per a 2015 study conducted by Change the Equation. And according to the 2016 Raytheon STEM index, as the number of white students who earned STEM degrees grew 15 percent in the last five years, the number of black students fell by roughly the same margin.

Bottomline, we need more students entering the world of STEM and more importantly we need to have fair minority representation of that population. Cassandra will inspire your students to the possibilities that a STEM education can afford through sharing her own personal journey.

This customizable package covers three core themes:

  • Reinforcing the importance of STEM Education
  • Informing students to what’s possible in the world of Engineering
  • Inspiring students to the infinite possibilities a STEM educational foundation affords

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“Energy, enthusiasm, and charisma are the words that immediately come to mind when I watch Cassandra speak. She’s a powerhouse with a message!”

– Cheryl Richardson, NY Times Best Selling Author

“The world is a better place with the inspiration Cassandra is providing to others by sharing herself in this beautiful way. So glad her voice is out there – we need people like her!”

– Sue Taigman, Master Facilitator, Verus Global

“Cassandra was fabulous! The students were so pumped up after her presentation. Several of them commented to me that they felt inspired by her story. She is an inspiration and a dynamic presenter. We so appreciate her being part of our special day. We will bring her back again and again!”

– Carrie Brkich, Workforce Manager, Thinc College and Academy

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