Anthem of a Change Enthusiast

Our tribe of Change Enthusiasts is growing. And with it comes great intention. Catchphrases like ‘Change Agent’ and ‘Change Optimist’ get tossed around like candy at a 6-year old’s birthday party. So what makes us so different? Why aren’t we just another catchphrase? Teaching Change Enthusiasm is the cornerstone of my business. I am the world’s foremost expert on Change Enthusiasm. So who better to answer those questions? I recently did just that through the creation of our anthem: Anthem of a Change Enthusiast. Now the momentum building around the Globe for our #wearechangeenthusiasts movement is stronger than ever.

I wanted to provide the words in plain black and white. The words which now serve as the seeds of our movement. So here we go:

We are Change Enthusiasts.

We don’t ignore ‘the feels’ of change damnit we embrace them!
Let’s be honest: Change sucks. The stress, the frustration, aggravation, rage, pain, isolation, and despair. We know ‘the feels’. There are countless programs, books, seminars, and blogs out there ready to help us ignore these feelings of Change, shove them aside, and replace them with these “Rah-Rah! I can do this!” type feelings. Ready to arm us in what’s ultimately a losing battle, walking into the same stressful situation day after day practically shouting at the top of our lungs “I feel amazing!” All the while ‘the feels’ fester and bubble over within, mocking the false optimism knowing full well the truth: we feel miserable.

But we are Change Enthusiasts.

We embrace the frustration, aggravation, isolation, and stress as signals. Signals that we are sitting in a moment of opportunity. In this embrace we are able to step back and view them objectively. In doing so, we first allow these feelings to EXIST then INSPIRE. To inspire us to the choice that will bring about a better feeling. To inspire us to the choice that will begin to slowly shift our reality.
From overwhelmed to anxious.
From anxious to confused.
From confused to clear.
From clear to creative.
From creative to excited.
From excited to…BLISS.

We are Change Enthusiasts.

We use ‘the feels’ of Change to make conscious choice towards a better feeling. We don’t ignore ‘the feels’, pretending they don’t exist in a blinding haze of optimism. We recognize ‘the feels’ of Change as guideposts leading us through the opportunity to choose our best.

For we are Change Enthusiasts.

We welcome Change as a necessary part of the evolution to our BEST self.
Whether it’s Change we invited into our lives or that ‘Oh S@#%!’ Change that comes knocking unannounced creating that feeling that it’s happening TO us, we welcome it. We welcome Change because we know it all to be a necessity of the evolution to our BEST self. We welcome Change because of the certain knowing that it all happens FOR us.

For we are Change Enthusiasts.

We are excited by every Change Challenge, seeing each as an opportunity to take active enrollment in our own evolution.
A very wise person once said, “Practice makes perfect.” But no matter how wise that person may have been, when you say it to someone worn out from busting their ass in practice, it’s rare they look up and thank you for bestowing wisdom, isn’t it?
Because practice is tough. Practice takes effort. Practice rains tears, spills blood, and pours sweat. But the fruit of the hours, days, and years of practice….is EXCELLENCE.

We are Change Enthusiasts.

We know that the more we practice experiencing Change, the better and better we become at mastering it. At seeing ‘the feels’ as signals. At immediately getting into the choice work to reach a better and better feeling. At making conscious effort to shift our reality into fulfillment. We know it is in the practice of experiencing Change that the pace of our evolution to our BEST-self accelerates.

For we are Change Enthusiasts.

And we take full responsibility for how our enthusiasm inspires.
Yeah, you want to be around us. You want some of what we’re smoking. You want to bottle some of this up and drink it down. We KNOW this! And we embrace it. We know our enthusiasm for Change is contagious and we are ready to lead in its Global Outbreak.

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