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Be Inspired By the Change Enthusiasm® Anthem

Cassandra Worthy, Founder and CEO of Change Enthusiasm® Global, shares her full energy from the rooftops, delivering Change Enthusiasts all over the world with an anthem to unite them in this movement!utcomes. Watch this video to understand what it means to be a Change Enthusiast and how you can join the movement!

Bring Unparalleled Energy to Your Next Event

In this client spotlight, Cassandra shares how she thrives on injecting energy and excitement into her client’s events all over the world.

Fueling Impassioned and Inspired Leaders

In this client spotlight, Cassandra shares her passion to fuel impassioned and inspired leaders undergoing significant transformation.

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Disrupt ‘Change as Usual’

Transform Your Culture from Surviving Change to Growing Through Change

Change Event

STEP 1 Recognize Your Change Signals

During change, your people are inundated with high-priority messages from leaders. These messages may be conflicting, and require compliance without clarity. As a result, your people experience fear, anger, anxiety, and grief. Recognizing these emotions as ‘change signals’ is the first step.

STEP 2 See Change As An Opportunity

Change creates an infinite supply of emotions. The Change Enthusiast language, mindset, and tools empower your people to ‘develop a conscious mindset of opportunity’. They are now able to transform their change-stalling emotions into change-accelerating behaviors.

STEP 3 Choose Your Better

Change is constant. When people intentionally shift how they feel, see and act during change events, they ‘uncover a unique signature of resilience’ during turbulent times. As a result, they are able to transform the tension of change into growth opportunities for themselves and their organization.

Repeat ( …because, change happens)

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