Keynotes, Virtual Solutions, and Consulting to ensure your organization has the mindset, behavior, and tools to grow through change.

A New Blueprint ForGrowing Through Change

Here’s what typical change looks like:

Your leaders are obsessing

over conflicting communication, digital and organizational strategies to implement change.

Your people are inundated

with unclear direction, and experiencing fear and anxiety that get in the way of implementing change.

This disconnect

is the reason why 70% of change programs fail1.

Cassandra brings 15 years of real-world M&A experience

Distilled into instantly-applicable mindset, behavior, and tools to help your people:

  • Harness the power of emotion to create buy-in for successful change.
  • Transform change-stalling emotions into change-accelerating actions.
  • Build a lasting mindset, resources and resilience for profitable growth through ongoing change.


Hi! I am Cassandra.

Early on in my career, when my company was in the aftermath of a $5B acquisition, I almost quit. Fueled by frustration and stress, I found myself on the precipice of walking out of the office and never coming back. Had I done so, I would have become another statistic. Yet another African-American female departed from a STEM-driven industry. Top talent voluntarily resigning during a time of significant organizational shift. Another change victim.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I woke up one day and decided to view those feelings as a signal that I was sitting in a moment of opportunity. 

An opportunity to transform that chemistry, that feeling into something better. To choose every day to do something, say something, behave in some way that would move the needle of my work experience towards a better feeling. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was cultivating a teachable strategy to inspire anyone to become enthusiastic about change, to find their unique power of resilience during turbulent times.

Today, I help organizations disrupt ‘change as usual’. Through a practical and repeatable framework, I show them how they can transform their culture from surviving change to growing through change.

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“She is engaging, professional, and has a wonderful energy level. Her messaging around the emotional part of change and how to drive the positive outcomes is spot on.”

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Morgan Junia

Director, Supply Chain Management & Procurement

“As the planner for the event, working with her was an enjoyable process. She took the time to get to know our industry and our company, and even solicited an anonymous survey from some of our attendees, to ensure her message was on point.”

J.J. Wills

Senior Vice President

“Working with Cassandra was so easy. We were able to give her our idea of what the overall theme of the event was, and she took this and integrated it with one of her current talks.”

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Alexandra Claytor

Event Planner

“Easily one of the best keynote speakers we've had in many years! Her preparation was excellent, she easily connected with the audience, she is personable, and many in the audience lingered afterward to interact!”

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Ed Schlichenmayer

CEO, National Association of College Stores

“...Change Enthusiasm creates a firestorm within you that makes you want to go out and conquer change. Our staff had a lot of takeaways, and our leaders felt ready to not only embrace change but to help their employees embrace change as well.”

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Deidra Johnson

Director, Human Resources Business Partner


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Virtual Solutions

Customized virtual keynotes, workshops, and e-learning resources to help your organization grow through change.



15 years of real-world M&A experience distilled into instantly-applicable mindset, behavior, and tools to grow through change.



Customized consulting, training and workshops that give your organization a lasting mindset, resources and resilience for profitable growth through change.


CHANGE Enthusiasm®

Dynamic corporate speaker and consultant, Cassandra Worthy, introduces a growth mindset practice that helps readers to view change and the emotions surrounding it as a gift.

Only 10 percent of successful change adoption is about know-how . . . the other 90 percent is squarely centered on the motivation and willingness to embrace the change. In this book, Cassandra Worthy shows that if the emotions standing in the way of motivation aren’t addressed, any transformation journey is stopped in its tracks. Cassandra shares her unique strategy of Change Enthusiasm, which helps individuals to harness the power of emotion–a resource in infinite supply–to embrace and accelerate change and transformation journeys. Her practical yet inspiring strategies will inspire anyone to become enthusiastic about change and find their unique power of resilience during turbulent times.

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